Alexander Abreu and Havana De Primera

One day I will post about my life as a world renowned concert photographer.  Today, however, I will share the fun I had Sunday, my first gig with an all access concert pass  😀  along with some of the lessons learned. 📝

Concert promoter, DJ Warapo Productions, gave me an all access pass.  Needless to say, I was thrilled!  My first ever!  Doors opened at 8. I expected the show to start at 10:30-11:00, Cuban time. I arrived at 8 with gifts for Alexander and my book for him to sign his picture.  I actually had agonized over which color Sharpie to bring.  ha! I settled on red to match the red shirt he had on in the picture I took at Club Rojo in Havana.  I turned down a pre concert dinner date with the team because I anticipated exchanging gifts and chit chat with the band kickin’ it backstage before the concert began.  Well!

As it turns out, I got there before the band got there.  Second lesson learned.  📝  When they did arrive they went directly on stage.  There was no pre show photo opp and gift exchange. 😏 At the end of the concert backstage was rushed with fans.  Although I had access, after being there for five+ hours I guess I ran out of steam and crawled to my car.  Third lesson learned.  📝. I’ll save my gifts and books for the next tour stop.  #notstalking

I thoroughly enjoyed access to the VIP areas and the balconies.  And I love Alexander’s music.  Images from the show:





Okay, maybe I’m getting a little too carried away with Mayito.  #toughassignment #somebodysgottadoit 😉




Deadlines looming, still shooting

We’re winding down to the last two weeks; deadlines are fast approaching.  Patti Silverstein will review our images tomorrow and pick the strongest ones.  Next Tuesday chosen images must be printed and matted to be hung in the gallery.  The following Tuesday the portfolio, business cards, and promo piece are due.  “I’m doing my best.  I’m getting through this, I’m in school to learn”!

Below are recent candidates for portfolio.  Adan Alonso introduced me to John Marini, owner of Marini Music in Alhambra.  I’m SO glad he did.  As fate would have it a professional photographer (now drummer) was in the shop who was kind enough to assist me and give me portrait tips.  God is good!


I can always count on DJ Warapo for a photo shoot.  I even have full access to my favorite artist, Alexander Abreu, at a concert Warapo is promoting.  ❤️


After critique of prior Amtrak engineer shot I decided to submit another shot from the session.  We’ll see how that goes. 😊