2 many shoes?

A girl can never have too many shoes!  And this from an avowed Zen preaching, Feng Shui living, minimalist.  🙂  Second Product Photography assignment was two shots:  one pair of athletic shoes, one pair of high end designer heels.  Okay, I do sneakers, not a problem.  High end designer heels, not so much.  To my rescue again is my bff, Hera, to loan me pair after pair of jeweled Prada, crystal Louboutins, strappy and studded Christian Diors, Jimmy Choos, etc.  Size “way too small for me”, but perfect for the shoot.

Above is the sneaker shot.  #NikeCallMe

Below is OMG, can you believe, pair of strappy, studded Christian Diors modeled by my other go to fashionista friend, model and dancer – the girl whose legs never stop.



Streaming some Teddy Pendergrass, R&B crooner.  Teddy was the third album by Pendergrass, released on June 23, 1979.  Singles:  Come Go With Me, Turn Off The Lights, Do Me.