cosmetics and count down

update Nov 18 – Got through it!  The second cosmetic shot:  color product on same color background.  It was not without quite a bit of angst, but here it is.  Now I think I’ll try it; packaging says results are guaranteed  🙂


#BTS  building a house of foam core 

During post processing I rediscovered and seriously grooved to Oh Honey by Delegation.  Released in 1977, Yikes!  🙂

We’re counting down.  4 more weeks to go.  Only cosmetics and a car remain.  The cosmetic assignment is 2 shots:  Black product on black background and color product on matching color background.  Whatever, we’re getting it done!  🙂  If Trump can become president, I can shoot this assignment.   (expletives, deleted of course)  OMG!

This is what I have so far for black on black background:

sized cropped black bottle.jpg

Color shot is giving me trouble, still a work in progress.  We’ll see what happens. Stay tuned.

On continuous repeat for at least the last hour is Smooth Sailin’ Tonight by the Isley Brothers.  OMG!