Product Really?

Hard to imagine I’m going to spend a semester photographing watches and toasters, but I’m gonna’ give it a try.  Plus it’s required.  🙂  Much to my surprise the first assignment was athletic equipment.  Hey, I’m athletic, this should be a perfect fit.  Two shots:  one product hero shot and the other shot with a model on location using the product.  Model!  I’m all over it.  🙂

I chose boxing with the intent of capturing the gritty intensity of the  sport.   Luckily, I was able to snag wrestler, boxer, long distance runner, MMA referee, David Magallanes, between training sessions to pose for me.  Here are the shots.



Streaming The Best of Sam Cooke:  You Send Me, Only Sixteen, Wonderful World, Cupid.  The compilation contains most of Sam Cooke’s most well-known hits from 1957 to 1962. Serious old school!  🙂