Portfolio Show

The Portfolio Show is Saturday!  It has been a grueling semester.  OMG!  I’ve been allocated 6′ of wall space.  I’m displaying these 3 images at 16 x 20.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned before, but during the class you produce the following:

  1.  15 image portfolio of same genre, e.g. fashion, lifestyle, product, food, etc.  I chose environmental portraits.
  2. business cards with matching brand/logo
  3. promo pieces with matching brand/logo
  4. matching brand website gallery of 15 images

In addition each week you reported on 3 activities you did that furthered your career as a photographer, e.g. visited a gallery, met with a professional photographer, read a photo book, etc.  You developed an elevator pitch introducing yourself, researched and critiqued 5 photographer’s websites. And submitted 5 art buyers each week.  I did my best.  🙂

Each week your images are critiqued for image strength and consistency of style.  All in the spirit of perfecting your craft.  Ha!  I think I shot 20, 15 barely survived.  Here’s my last image.  It’s beautiful Bria, in her way so cool, bring your dog to work office.


Now to finish my Black and White Printing class.  4 image photo essay is due soon.  I better find out when.  🙂  #keepshooting #sticktothescript

Portfolio Additions

Adding images to Environmental Portrait portfolio.

Week 8.  Well, I guess I’m not going to drop.  I  have 11 images (all posted below).  It’s been a experience,  a REAL experience in so many ways.  It’s not quite routine, but the repetition of shooting one type of photo is teaching me a lot.  I developed a routine of contacting subjects, meeting them prior to the shoot to discuss the project, time requirements, expectations then calling the day before to confirm.  I’ve improved analyzing locations(prior real weakness) to include insight/story of the subject as well as composition.  I also am learning to work fast. It’s not like beauty and fashion where you have a model who knows they’re in for a couple of hours of shooting.  I typically ask for 15 minutes of set up and 30-45 minutes to shoot.

Week 8.  I guess I’m not going to drop. I need 4 more images.



Linda Kittrell 2

For some reason Reggae Classics on Spotify is working tonight!  When was the last time you heard Red Red Wine – UB40 or Dawn Penn’s No, No, No You Don’t Love Me?  Buffalo Soldier  🙂  OMG 4 more!