Shiny Kitchen Appliance

October 10th update:  Before and after images.

October 5th update:  Plan is to reshoot to open blinds and blur out background, get dust off counter, fill pot with coffee to hide photo props, get real sun flowers.

As promised 3rd Product Photography assignment was to shoot a shiny kitchen appliance in an upscale kitchen.  Think Sur la Table, Crate and Barrel advertisement.  Sounds easy enough, you try it without getting lights and/or your face reflected in that shiny appliance.  OMG!

I built a light box, I guess it’s called, and surrounded the entire set with white foam core. In the front of the set I hung a roll of white seamless from C-stands and cut a whole in it for my camera.  The black vertical band in the center of the pot is where my camera was. I set up one strobe with 3’x 4′ lightbox behind the set to camera left.  There was a second light behind the set at camera right with a snoot made of Cinefoil bouncing off foam core to illuminate the front name plate.

Nikon D750; 140 mm, ISO 100, f9.0 at 1/160 sec.

I’m missing hair and makeup, but we can get through this.  🙂  Next up food!

Listening to Below the Baseline by Ernest Ranglin.