Kruger Park

From the metropolis of Johannesburg I traveled by bus to wildlife sanctuary Kruger National Park.  Kruger National Park is one of the largest game reserves in Africa and home to the “big five”, rhinoceros, elephant, water buffalo, lion, leopard.  I was lucky enough to see them all way closer than I ever imagined.  I caught the leopard who was raised by the reserve since birth lounging at the pool. 🙂


Yes, the elephant is 10 maybe 15 feet from the open air truck.


A couple of housebroken leopards lounging on the pool deck.


Safari driver and guide at Kruger National Park.

Next Big Adventure

Little did I know when we met for lunch at Little Sister in downtown Los Angeles I was in for an adventure of a lifetime.  I was to spend a month in South Africa on a study abroad program with 2 professors and 25 millenniums (22 girls and 3 boys)  OMG!   I figured I’m always up for a new adventure so I set out.  Lunch was amazing; I love my girlfriends.   I plan to revisit the restaurant and begin to include food photography if I’m truly going to do this blog thing.