Orisha Dance Performance

Today I’m obsessing over the thousands of photos from my trip to Cuba last August that have not been culled, edited and published.  Although some have been added to my flickr account my goal is to publish a photo travel book after each international trip.  And I’m a couple of trips behind.  In an effort to complete the book  I’ll be blogging on certain sections starting with a fabulous Orisha dance performance in Havana de Cuba.

The performance accompanied by a historic group of all female drummers was held on the charming outdoor terrace of the Unión de Escritores y Artistas de Cuba (National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba, UNEAC).  Unión de Escritores y Artistas de Cuba is located at Casa Juan Gelats, one of Vedado’s finest early 20th-century mansions.  It is the site of cinematic events, lectures, and prose and poetry readings, as well as musical performances.  There’s nothing like viewing the Orishas performed in Havana in such a culturally and historically rich setting.  As an Afro Cuban dance student this was a super special treat for me.

Unión de Escritores y Artistas de Cuba is located Calle 17 y Calle H, Havana, 10400, Cuba walking distance from our casa particular on Calle I.  Afro Cuban performances are on Wednesdays and costs CUC 5.

A special thanks to Kay Torres for providing the planning, guidance, and translations that make my trips to Cuba extra special.  Check out her web site, dedicated to creating a cultural crossroads between southern California and Cuba.


One of the perks of the job is photographing handsome young men.  💕  I met Freddy through the Afro Cuban dance community several years ago.   In addition to dancing with the South Bay Ballet Company, Freddy dances Peruvian Folklore, On2 Salsa, Mambo, and just about everything in between.  I have to find the video of the Michael Jackson routine he and my bff, Hera, performed in.  Smart, talented, great dancer he needed promotional photos for a series of salsa  classes he’ll be teaching.  Hey, somebody’s got to do it, it may as well be me.  😎  It was a fun session as expected; I hope we get to work together again soon.


Ahh, today’s obsession!  🙂