all about me . . .

donnaI’m a recovering IT professional. After a brief stint (ha!) as a sales consultant with a couple of the top tier software companies I can now say I’m a photographer, visual artist, and lifelong photography student. I’m currently enrolled in the photography program at Santa Monica College. For years I’ve wanted to blog.

I’m blogging for two reasons: 1. share stories while showcasing my photography 2. improve my photography, writing, post processing skills.

Afro Cuban culture and dance as well as the  Spanish language are on my list of particular interest so the blog may have posts about those topics along the way.

I’m a crazy sports fan and fitness fanatic. I follow women’s tennis, golf, volleyball, and gymnastics. Okay, all women’s sports. :-).

I’m super easy to find.  I’m either in school, on a photo shoot, in Pilates, on the tennis courts, in the gym, in dance class, in the pool or on social media.  Let’s connect.  😎



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