May’s additions

UGH, school!  I’m in school to learn, not to be persecuted.  (I have to remind myself.)  So to be totally transparent and so I won’t forget, when shooting environmental portraits:

1. Declutter your set.  Unless it contributes to the story, get rid of it.

2. Establish separation between the subject and the background either with depth of field, lighting, composition or something.

3. Employ standard portrait techniques, e.g. Place subjects head against uncluttered area (try that one at home 😀)

4. And of course, tell a story.

Bottom line is minus a couple of exceptions I need to start over.  Piling on my Epson 3880 stopping recognizing ink cartridges so I can’t print.  Not to mention the 2 packs of Arista Lustre I bought have to go back because they don’t have sufficient portfolio weight.  Back to Hollywood mind you.  OMG!  But we trudge on!


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