sexy, designer fragrances

Done!  What a fascinating semester!  The final assignment was to create a 5 image product portfolio of all new work.  The portfolio was to be stylistically cohesive yet completely separate shoots.  Elements such as similar lighting, subject matter, colors, design and composition shape a cohesive portfolio.

My inspiration – Sexy, provocative, designer fragrances in muted pink, black and white

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Done!  Many, many thanks to my assistant, models, and those who happily lent their shoes, fragrances, cars, boxing gloves this semester.  And to my classmates who held foam core till their fingers cramped.   Also to my ever so supportive squad who motivate me by their high standards and support me every single day.  And my instructor who kept telling me I could do it!  🤓

my playlist this semester:


After I set all my foam core on fire,  I’ll get a few days of rest then head off to Cuba!!  😃

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