Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

Below is a list of Photoshop keyboard shortcuts I really use.  I hope to expand this further.

Action Keystroke Combination
Duplicate Layer Command, J
New Layer Shift, Command, N
Create Clipping Mask Option, Click line between layers
Fill Dialog Box Shift, Function, F5
Fill with Foreground color Option, Delete
Fill with Background color Command, Delete
Hide Marching Ants Command, H
Deselect Selection Command, D
Recall Selection Command, Shift, D
Set default Background & Foreground colors D
Switch Background & Foreground colors X
Show Black & White Mask Option, click on mask
Size Images on Screen Command 0, Command -, Command +
Size Brushes [,  ]
Fade Clone Stamp & Healing Brush Command, Shift, F
Crop C
Eyedropper I
Healing Brush J
Paint P
 Clone Stamp S
 Eraser E
 Pen P
 Text T
 Group Layers Command G
 Merger all Layers into One Layer or Stamp Visible (retain layer structure)  SOCE Shift, Option, Command, E
Cycles through hidden tools   Shift any tool –  J, C, I, S, T, P
 Selects all layers  Command, Option, A
 Open the layers panel  Function F7
Turn off every layer but one Option click the eyeball


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